Vast Victorian House | Knights Park Round the Corner | Let as a whole | Private Parking for 3 Cars | 4 Jumbo Rooms + 1 Moderate | INCLUDING ALL BILLS 

Description: This handsome house comes complete with enclosed garden and bike shed. High ceilings and 3 original fireplaces give the edge to this space. The cherry wood kitchen is complete with washing machine and tumble drier. Additional cloakroom. Bedrooms 1 and 2 are on the ground floor, one with feature fireplace and bay window, the other with French windows out onto the garden. Upstairs reveals 2 further huge rooms, with fireplaces, sash windows and one has a king size bed for good measure. Nestled in between are the bathroom and the fifth bedroom. 4 big bedrooms + 1 smaller. 12 month tenancy let to a group, option for a 2 year let. 

Testimonial: Balmoral Road provided me with a place to call home whilst being a second-year design student at Kingston University. The rooms are spacious and well-furnished and provide a student with enough space to live and work in. Our landlords have been exceptionally organised when dealing with any queries or repairs within the household. This help and promptness has made living here easy and pleasant! Artie


2D Floorplan

35BAL 2D PLAN.jpg

3D Floorplan

35BAL 3D PLAN.jpg